About me...


  • I hold a bachelor's degree from Boston University in English and Communications.  It taught me that real experience is not found in the classroom.


  • I have worked in public relations and marketing for three healthcare systems in Maine.  That's where I learned that communication really matters and makes a difference.


  • I served as a communication specialist for Maine's iconic retailer, LLBean.  That experience taught me that communication should be fun.


  • I have been a husband for 42 years and a father for 35 years.  The experience has taught me that life is great. I also have a grandson, Olivier Daniel Nadeau, who brings joy to every minute of every day. 


  • I run an entertainment business that offers mystery themed dinner shows and improvisational comedy.  


Things I won't tell about me...


  • I have appeared in nearly 1000 mystery dinner theater productions and in dozens of improv comedy shows.


  • I have traced my McCurdy family tree back to the 1200s.


  • I waved to President Dwight D. Eisenhower while he visited in New Hampshire's North Country.  It was in 1959.  I was five years old at the time.


  • Field of Dreams is one of my all time favorite movies. 


  • I have played golf and tennis.  Not well.


  • I have had lead roles in five musical theater productions, but I don't read a note of music.

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