Dan Marois, Actor, Owner, Producer
Chief Entertainment Officer for Mainely Improv and Mystery for Hire. As a writer, producer and actor, Dan has been involved in every aspect of the business since 1995. Dan has studied improv with David LaGraffe of LightUp Improv and he's a graduate of the Celebration Barn Intensive Training in Improv with Jeff Wirth.
Katie Marois Nadeau
Katie Nadeau grew up with Mystery for Hire having come to shows at the age of eight. She is a theater veteran and Broadway musical geek...like her parents.
Julie Poulin
Fearless on stage and fun loving in real life, Julie's quick thinking and comic timing brings our improv comedy to life. She's an accomplished actress with Mystery for Hire as well performing in hundreds of productions.
Brian Files
Actor, comic, playwright and master of the nerdy characters, Brian is full of surprises in our unpredictable improv shows. He's actively involved as a vibrant citizen of Gardiner, ME.
Kathleen Nation
A long time performer with our mystery dinner theater, Kathleen has embraced the world of improv. There is no other actor we know that can do crazy improv one night and Shakespeare the next.
Amanda Kinsey
Amanda Kinsey is fearless whether doing spontaneous things in improv or being outrageous characters in mystery shows. And beyond all that talent, she has loads of fun.
Greg Simpson
Greg has spent his entire career in front of an audience as a corporate trainer. About six years ago, he found his passion in performing with Mystery for Hire and Mainely Improv. He has more fun than legally allowed.
CarlaRose Dubois
CarlaRose has performing in her DNA. She is wild, wacky and always ready to take on any new challenge in mystery shows or improv comedy. She's a wife and mother of three daughters in Waterford, Maine.
Steve Corning
Juggler and master of many performing arts, Steve is the ultimate entertainer. (Ask him to balance a chair on his chin?) He works with many other performers and is a solo performer as well.
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