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Why hire a seasoned professional?

Why choose a seasoned professional for your next communications project? The answer is simple: Experience.

While there are countless young graduates with degrees in new media and smiling faces ready to conquer the world of public relations, there is little time for on the job training. A seasoned professional has the breadth of experience to jump into your project with little direction needed. In short, they have been there before; at least about 99% of the time. Whatever challenge you send their way, they have a vast amount of experience to help make it happen.

Are you worried that the seasoned professional might not know as much about new technology and the array of social media available today? Fear not. The seasoned professional is also a wise professional. If they lack the skills in some of the new technology, they know where to find them. There are always resources from which they can learn. In short, they are smart enough to know what they don't know.

The question really remains, "Why should you hire me?" (I am old enough to be your Father....maybe Grandfather?) Just remember that when you have me working on your project, you have the wisdom and knowledge of forty years in the communication profession. I'm knowledgeable, adaptable, and have a great sense of humor. And as a full time freelance communication specialist, I am ready to tackle your next project quickly and professionally with little or no training needed.

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